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Hi Everybody

I am currently looking out for hardcore FAQ's on Oracle Apps Financial. Pelase forward the interview question to my email id.

sonyparik@yahoo.com ASAP

thanks in advance.

Sunitha Parik
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How do you add or change the LOV for telephone type in customer standard?
How can I define a default printer for my reports only?
May I change the Tax Location Flexfield after it is defined?
When installing AR how do I determine the latest patches to apply?
Where do you define the Activity for a Miscellaneous receipt in 11i?
How does the system calculate 'Clear Date' and 'GL Date' in ARZACS report?
Where is Account Generator: Purge Runtime Data profile option?
Why Can't I find a Dispute Button In AR Online?
Why is Seeded Data protected from update?
Why does the WHEN_MOUSE_CLICK trigger not fire when Right Mousebutton is clicked?
How do I change the Application or Database passwords?
Does Item Validation Organization need to be set if you are not using Order Entry or Order Management?
How to stop Transaction Numbering Gaps.
What are Demand Classes and how are they used in AR?
How do I setup 'Setup Details' in Receivables to run AR Setup Report?
Do I have to post transactions from all organizations before I can close the period?
How to Recompile AR Flexfields: Sales Tax Location Flexfield and Location Flexfield Structure
How are transactions selected to appear on the Aged Trial Balance?
How do I tell what version of a report I am on and how do I find out what the latest version is?
How do I recompile a report on a Unix system?
Where can I find detailed descriptions of reports available in Oracle Receivables?
How do I run a report trace?
What are RXi reports?
How do you create a new RXI Report?
Is there a supported way to migrate RXi attribute sets between instances?
How does the system calculate 'Clear Date'and 'GL Date' in ARZACS report?
How do you change the print style of a report?
The Column on my Report is too small, I need development to make it bigger!
Statement will not print when selecting for one customer location why?
What manual should I read for more information on AutoInvoice?
What are the MetaLink keywords I should use when searching for more information about AutoInvoice?
What information do I need to provide, while logging a Service Request for AutoInvoice?
Why is AutoInvoice splitting one order into two invoices?
What is the suggested setting for the 'Log file message level'?
How can a credit memo (from legacy) be applied against an invoice using AutoInvoice?
Can Adjustments be imported through AutoInvoice?
How is the Tax code derived in AutoInvoice?
Can changes be made to existing invoices via AutoInvoice ?
What should be verified when I get the 'Please Correct Revenue (or Receivable or Freight or Tax) Account Assignment' error?
Once the transactions have been imported successfully into AR using AutoInvoice, how can they be purged from the interface tables?
How often can you run AutoInvoice?
In multi-org environment, can I run AutoInvoice simultaneously?
How do I check the Set Up for AutoInvoice?
How can I prevent partial transactions from being created, when program error occurs?
How can the errors in the interface table lines be corrected?
How does the GL date get derived?
AutoInvoice is taking too long to run. How can I improve its performance?
The Import program (RAXTRX) does not get spawned when I run AutoInvoice. What could be the reason?
How to get closed invoices into AR using AI process?
How to allow duplicate value in INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE1 in AutoInvoice?
Are AutoInvoice exception handling windows backported from 11i to 11.03?
How do you default the batch source on the AutoInvoice submission screen?
How to use AutoInvoice to Apply Credit Memos to Multiple Invoices or Debit Memos?
How do you get the AutoInvoice Exceptions forms to appear on the menu?
What is the difference between the attribute_category and the header_attribute_category columns in the ra_interface_lines_all table.?
How to import gapless transaction numbers with AutoInvoice?
How to run an example AutoInvoice Import?



Why can’t I enable the Multiple Currency Payment check box?
Why are the Receivable Options and More Receivables Options choices not available from the alternate region drop down box?
Why doesn’t "Supplier" show up in the list of values for "Account Use" in the Bank Account Form?
Why do I get a “Choose Valid Combination” message when I attempt to select an account, and why is the List of Values button disabled for the GL Account fields for my new organization?
When creating a payment document, do I need to specify a “Last Available” number?
Do Bank Branch Numbers have to be unique?
Do Bank Account Numbers need to be unique?
Why can’t I update the Last Available field for the payment document?
What the difference between EDI Payment Outbound (820) and EFT payment program?
What is EDI Invoice Inbound 810?
What is EDI Payment Outbound 820?
What EDI processes does Oracle Payables use?
What are the setup steps for EDI Invoice Inbound 810?
What is the setup steps for EDI Gateway Payment Outbound 820?
What patchset should I apply for the latest EDI updates?
What articles, white papers, or manuals should I read for more information on EDI Gateway?
What are the MetaLink keywords I should use when searching for EDI Gateway on MetaLink?
The questions listed in this guide do not address my question
How is the GL Date (Accounting Date) on imported invoices assigned?
General: What's the difference between the "Payables Open Interface Import" program and the "Payables Invoice Import" program?
How the 'Apply Advance' option (Payables Options - Expense Report Region), works when importing expense reports?
Purge: I can not purge my expense reports in the interface tables?
What should I do if my expense report has source = 'WebExpense' and the Import Program does not want to import it?
What articles, white papers, or manuals should I read for more information on Invoice Import?
What are the MetaLink keywords I should use when searching for Expense Report Import (Formerly Invoice Import) on MetaLink?
Patches: List of One-Off Patch available for Expense Report Import process
PO Match: How do I Match An Invoice To A Purchase Order?
PO Match: How do I Match Invoice to One Purchase Order Which Has Two Lines, One Set to Match to Receipt and the Other Set to Match to PO?
RTS Debit Memo: How Does the Create Debit Memo From RTS Functionality Work?
Receipt Match: How Do I Match An Invoice To A Receipt?
Credit Memo: How Do I Match a Credit Memo to an Invoice Which Has Tax Lines?
Credit Memo: What Reports Are Available To Check If a Credit Memo is Matched To an Invoice?
PO Number: Does the Purchase Order Number get Populated on Freight, Miscellaneous and Tax Lines When Using the Allocations Window?
Invoice: How Can I Find Out Which Invoices Are Matched to a Purchase Order?
Accrual Account: Why does Matching an Invoice to PO Default the Accrual Account to the Invoice Distributions?
Final Match: How Do I Remove a Final Matching Hold, So I Can Pay the Invoice?
Final Match: What Do the Codes For the Final Match Flag Mean?
Final Match: What Does Final Match Do?
Flexfield: How Does Descriptive Flexfield Information From the PO Line Get to AP During Invoice Matching?
IPV: Why Do I Get an Invoice Price Variance (IPV) Line When I Match an Invoice to a PO with Nonrecoverable Tax?
Setup: What articles, white papers, or manuals should I read for more information on PO Matching?
Keywords: What are the MetaLink keywords I should use when searching for PO Matching on MetaLink?
Patches: List of one-off patches available for Payables PO Matching

Re: Need FAQ or Interview question for Oracle Apps Financial [message #503846 is a reply to message #217713] Wed, 20 April 2011 01:55 Go to previous message
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Dear Arjun,

Nice to meet u.
Thanks for posting faq,i am not getting some answers.If possible can you please send or post answers please.

thanks, takecare,

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